How to support the gallery

Unlike commercial art galleries, that are really retail stores selling art, the Rufus Lin Gallery is an art museum that focuses on exhibiting jury-selected Japanese art. The gallery is operated and maintained with funds provided by Rufus Lin himself, as he has a deep interest in supporting talented Japanese artists that are unknown outside Japan, and in making Japanese art known to the North American public.

We are grateful to the kind individuals and corporations who provide support and assistance to the Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art. We welcome financial contributions, large and small, toward the work that we are doing in bringing Japanese fine art to a North American audience, and encouraging the international exposure of relatively unknown Japanese painters who have been producing and exhibiting that art to a domestic audience so far.

If you would like to support our work with a donation (any amount, even $10, would be gratefully received), it would be a great help. The money will be used to improve and maintain our collection and help defray the substantial costs involved in operating a gallery of this scope. We are not a registered charity.

Please click on the button below to make your donation by credit card or PayPal. Thank you for your support!

Monetary donations only, please, no art. Please note that we do not acquire, lend or appraise art, except through our own established channels. If you wish to use some other payment method for your monetary donation, please contact us at to discuss. Thank you.