About Rufus Lin

Rufus Lin is a successful Canadian entrepreneur, who has gone on to become a painter, published author, fashion/art photographer, composer, and jazz pianist/singer. Based in Vancouver and Tokyo, his work in Japan includes an ongoing exhibit of his art or photographs in Roppongi, Tokyo, as well as frequent jazz performances with the Rufus Lin Jazz Trio in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Starting with his early education in the early 1980s, in visual art and Japanese film at the Faculty of Fine Arts, York University, Toronto, and his subsequent studies under a sumi-e (Japanese brush ink painting) master, followed by years of experience as a translator, in both English-Japanese and Japanese-English directions, Rufus Lin has taken a deep interest in specific areas of Japanese culture, particularly painting, linguistics and music.

In recent years, he has been actively working on various art, design, music recording and fashion/art photography projects, mostly in Tokyo. His design collaboration on the Rufus Gerard Lacus Temporis luxury wristwatch with a major Japanese watch manufacturer has earned critical accolades from various magazines. His CDs of piano improvisations, such as the album 8 Japanese Women, break new ground by tying each piece of music to one of his works of fiction.

Earlier work by Rufus Lin includes several photography collections, the critically acclaimed novel “Trout Rising Again”, and the string symphony “Good Friday”, which received its premiere performance by the Ars Aim Orchestra in Tokyo.